Project highlights

The Oscar Cohort Study

The design challenge: a continually fresh visual brand for a 12-year research project. And, multiple components accessible to all: children, academics, project staff, and community members in two continents. 


Paula Braitstein
OSCAR: Orphaned and Separated Children’s Assessments Related to their Health and Well-Being Research Study
University of Toronto, Canada


Resource Materials
Web Design

Creative thought

Focusing only on one target audience is not an option any longer.
Anything that is produced can reach anyone, anywhere.

Brief intro

The client stipulated: any product needs to be understood by diverse community members in Kenya, academics in Africa and North America, and children participating in the study. Central requirements were colourful, child-oriented/friendly, and beautiful tone and imagery.

Logo & Resources

This ongoing project is inspired by a colour palette from an area in Kenya where the research took place. Depictions of ‘Africa’ and ‘African children’ were explicit requirements while avoiding an ‘ethnic trap’. Swahili and English surveys had to be easy on the eye and reproducible through photocopy.


OSCAR required a website to facilitate communication between project staff and participants, policy makers, and the wider public. The site serves the dual propose of project-related storage and communication, all kept in a password protected section.

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