Project highlights

Technology for living

The client required someone to take up a wide variety of communications jobs. My training and experience enable me to work across a range of design, writing, editing and other communications fields. It is exciting to bring organisational communications together in a comprehensive manner involving the member base.


Ruth Marzetti 
Technology for Living


Publications design
Social Media

Creative thought

Learning new things on the job and getting on with new challenges to the best of your ability bears incredible results and accelerates professional development.

Brief intro

The client wanted resources and organisational branding to be evaluated visually and editorially and then refreshed/redesigned. This had to happen without losing valuable relationships already established with staff and members, ensuring their were on board with changes, at the same time as developing new connections and directions.

Balance Newsletter

During the rebranding of the organisation, I was asked to change the newsletter from an organisational news vehicle into a dynamic part of the organisation’s communications strategy with their members, health care professionals and funders. I am most proud of my work with members who have become active contributors to the publication.

Social Media

Setting up a more solid and professional presence on Facebook and Twitter and to a (so far) lesser extent LinkedIn, requires as much soul searching as posting: do we, a mid-size non-profit organisation, need a presence on Social Media? I created a 3-month strategy in response to this question. Followers grew quickly and organisation impact increased.

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