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Ray Lafortune & Chad Melquist started Vision Spray Systems Inc XX years ago. Ray: “We had worked together previously and knew that between us we had a lot of experience. We both are also very passionate about new developments in our industry. That looked like a rock-solid foundation for a company, and we took the plunge.”

While Ray focuses on the industrial segment of their clients (link to RLI), Chad is the guy who enjoys dealing with homeowners at Vision Spray Systems Inc:” Residential customers care about their homes. That’s where their family lives. I can relate to that on a personal level. We are using the latest technology and the most suitable materials for the job at hand and we understand that the price has to be right so a family can afford it.”

The right type of foam system for each job

Are you having trouble maintaining a cold or warm environment in your home?

Spray Foam may be the solution to help avoid moisture issues and damage to your house while it also works exceptionally well as a noise and vapor barrier.

[Is this the cheapest? Is this your preferred type of work? Who do you recommend it to? How “green” is this? Would you agree with this statement: When sprayed at rafter level, it seals the home creating an air-tight warm roof structure which contributes to keeping your home warm in winter, cool in summer whilst lowering heating and cooling costs by up to 50%, which can’t be achieved with traditional insulation!]


Blown-in Fiberglass or Cellulose

Cellulose is composed of 75-85% recycled paper fiber, extracted from newsprint waste. An added bonus is that 15% of cellulose is a fire retardant.

[Why do we also have Fiberglass in the header? How does this differ from spray foam? Greener? When do you recommend this over Spray Foam?]



On the test website the wording does not tell me something that I can understand as a layperson homeowner. [Why would a homeowner choose Fireproofing? Why is Fireproofing part of the business of foam insulation?  Is fireproofing an add-on on top of the other two insulation types? Is it green? Is it expensive?]



Does the foundation of your home need leveling?

We offer polyurethane foam systems for leveling slabs, concrete foundation repair jobs and can help finding solutions for most types of problems where infrastructure around your home can benfit from this versatile foam system.

[We need an explanantion of this amazing procedure that Joe & Jill Blow can understand. I am not sure if  I understand the procedure correctly: This process involves the injection of a liquid foam underneath the problem area through small holes drilled in the concrete. Once injected beneath the concrete, the foam expands to fill the voids and compact the soil around the voids. This helps to create a more stable and even base. Our slab jacking team is highly experienced and offers guidance on our top-notch products. Other questions: Ditch Break Foam sounds like something only used in industrial applications? If this is correct it should not be here, a website for homeowners. ]


Thermal Insulation

Spray-applied thermal insulation is the ideal solution for projects that are difficult to access like soffits. The 25% recycled glass fiber product can be applied on any surface, including vertical and overhead configurations.



Intumescent paint = Fireproofing paint

One step you can take to add fire resistance to a building is using intumescent paint. When this kind of paint is exposed to extreme temperatures, these coatings expand and lose density while expanding; as a result, they act as an insulator.

[Where do you use in a home, isn’t it only for industrial settings? What material do you use it on: wood? steel? concrete? Is it green? Is it expensive?]


Both Ray & Chad are the first to tell you the quality work Vision Spray Systems Inc provides can only happen thanks to their fully qualified teams.

“It’s fundamental that the folks working with us are as happy to go to work on Monday morning as Ray and myself are, “says Chad,  ”we ensure that our teams work in a safe, respectful work environment which directly translates into the uncompromising quality work we deliver to all our clients.” Ray & Chad are in agreement:” We aim to be the most exceptional and comprehensive spray foam company we can be.”

If your home is in the Lower Mainland, we’ll be there.

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