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There is something to be said for experience… but also for experiment.
Wise words? How does this relate to my work…

I view each project as a communications challenge to overcome. It starts with a plan: a road map to ensure we arrive at a product that speaks for itself. The process, from beginning to end, should be both a structured and electrifying journey.

The right design solutions are the simple ones. But simple is difficult to achieve, especially in a world overwhelmed by examples that are just a click away. I work with clients to develop design solutions that communicate straightforwardly and are as unique as they are.

The power of type can immediately distinguish any project. Being open to worlds beyond sans serif typefaces can suddenly expose astonishing answers to design questions. Pushing type beyond its own face can reveal unique variations on themes.

Most of my clients are from the non-profit world and academia. Finding design solutions within a budget is as much an art-form as is choosing the right colour combinations. It is never necessary to compromise on design. Key is honest and respectful communications between designer and client.

Any website or app is simply a collection of information. Information architecture is paramount to a successful site development.  I work in partnership with my clients to construct content and navigation systems that are aesthetic and immediately understandable.

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Re-imagined brands and brand new projects.
From logos to websites, it’s all about facilitating communication and joyful user experience.

Children caring on the move

Branding & Website

Positive Living BC

Branding, Resources & Magazine

Santa Rosa Clinic

UX Development & UI Design for a “Queue Manager” App

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