Project highlights

Children caring on the move

Themes of connections and mobilities lie at the heart of this multi-component design project for an academic research study. It has a lively feel while maintaining the anonymity of research participants through abstract images.


Sarah Crafter 
Open University
Rachel Rosen 


Web Design

Creative Process

Design for academic projects involves the same workflow as any other:
a clear process following a red line.

Brief intro

The client designated “Navigate • Connections • Mobilities” as key words describing the overall visual feel they wanted. The client was very clear that predictable iconography was not acceptable: no hands, no hearts, no roofs.


I worked with the client to develop a name and abbreviation for the project, communicating the core themes in a more intuitive way. The name created a breadth of possibilities. Disjointed movement and non-linear connections are the visual messages of addressed in the logo.


How do you make a website feel alive while maintaining anonymity and excluding images of participants? Use abstract visuals that signify fluidity and multi-directionality while maintaining the colour palette of the brand identity throughout.

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