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Technology for living

The client required someone to take up a wide variety of communications jobs. My training and experience enable me to work across a range of design, writing, editing and other communications fields. It is exciting to bring organisational communications together in a comprehensive manner involving the member base.


Ruth Marzetti 
Technology for Living


Publications design
Content Creation
Social Media

Creative thought

Learning new things on the job and getting on with new challenges to the best of your ability bears incredible results and accelerates professional development.

Brief intro

The client desired a comprehensive evaluation and revitalization of their visual and editorial resources, along with a refreshed organizational branding. There was a strong desire to preserve invaluable relationships already established between their staff and members using the organisation. It was important to ensure enthusiastic support from all parties during the implementation of changes, while simultaneously fostering new connections and exploring promising avenues. The aim was to optimize visibility and strengthen the client’s bonds with their stakeholders.

Balance Newsletter

As part of the organization’s rebranding initiative, I was entrusted with transforming the newsletter from a mere vehicle for organizational news to a vibrant and integral component of their comprehensive communications strategy. This encompassed engaging members, healthcare professionals, and funders alike. I take immense pride in my collaboration with members, empowering them to become active contributors to the publication. Through this collaborative effort, we have fostered a sense of ownership and community, making the newsletter an exciting platform that amplifies the voices and insights of those it serves.

Social Media

Embracing the realm of social media for a mid-sized non-profit organization involves a thoughtful examination: Is a presence on these platforms truly necessary? The answer, discovered through our journey, is a resounding “yes.” Our gradual yet steadfast growth of followers reflects the impact of our carefully tailored content. By consistently highlighting our initiatives and projects, we have fine-tuned our approach, resonating with our target audience. This deliberate strategy has allowed us to cultivate an engaged online community, amplifying our mission and forging meaningful connections with supporters who champion our cause.

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