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Positive Living BC

As the art director/production manager for Positive Living BC for two decades, I worked on a vast array of projects. Each demanded different design skill-sets, fast turn-around times and dynamic relationships with print professionals, web developers, illustrators and organisation staff.


Adam Reibin 
Positive Living BC


Overall Branding
Resource Materials Design
Bi-monthly magazine production

Creative thought

Non-profit organisations have small budgets for design & marketing materials.
But with the right approach, the final product can be outstanding.

Brief intro

As the Art Director/Production Manager, I was entrusted with the task of developing visual strategies and creating artwork for the organization. My responsibilities included ensuring the production of high-quality files for print and web, as well as building strong relationships with printers and web developers to optimize costs. By striking a balance between strategic vision and practical execution, I played a vital role in driving our artistic endeavors and strengthening our brand presence across various mediums. Through a collaborative approach and a blend of creativity and technical expertise, I strived to deliver impactful visuals that aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Positive Living Magazine

As the Art Director, my first step was to revamp a stagnant newsletter into a professional and visually appealing product. Through a meticulous redesign process and the consistent delivery of high-quality visuals, this beloved bi-monthly publication not only showcased the importance of exceptional design and organizational branding but also embraced a notable improvement in its written content. Each step of the visual evolution was accompanied by a parallel elevation in the written narratives, ensuring that the overall presentation became a blend of captivating visuals and engaging written pieces. This comprehensive transformation conveyed the organization’s values and messages with greater impact and resonance.

Design materials

For over two decades, the continuous evolution and adaptation of educational resources, event promotions, campaign materials, and internal and external communication have been imperative. This ongoing journey of rethinking and reshaping these elements demands a dynamic approach. Breathing new life into existing pieces while simultaneously developing fresh materials to cater to the diverse needs of stakeholders is a creative and invigorating process. Balancing the satisfaction of various stakeholders while staying true to the organization’s vision drives a constant pursuit of innovative solutions and ensures a vibrant and engaging communication ecosystem.

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